Day five:
As we’d gone much further than we thought we’d manage the day previous, we knew that the rest of our journey to Overwater would now be more leisurely.

The next morning we set off as we’d planned to meet Chris’ parents to pick up some scaffold board (for shelves, the interior work never ends) at Norbury Wharf.


We set off later than planned, as usual, and after passing through beautiful scenery and open fields for a while we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by trees, with steep banks either side. Shortly before reaching Gnosall you come through the deep cutting as you approach Cowley Tunnel. We didn’t pass any boats through this stretch, but the cutting is very tight and you can see the shelf of hard stone jutting out of the water either side – scary!

We made it to Norbury Wharf and found a spot to moor up for a few hours while we went to the pub!

Following the pub lunch, scaffold board in arms, we shuffled back down the towpath to the boat and set off again. We had hoped to make it to Market Drayton by evening, but with it nearing sunset when we reached Goldstone, we opted to stop there. As we went to moor up, we got caught on something under the water. It didn’t seem to be an object so we concluded it must be the shelf – even on a visitor mooring! I’d read online that a good way of dealing with the shelf (temporarily if without small tyre fenders) was to use rubber fenders and wedge them between the side of the boat where it meets the shelf. We did this and settled down for dinner. Nothing is simple on a boat!




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