We’re starting a shorter, snappier version of my rambles on here in the form of a simple newsletter. Both of us are juggling full time work away from the boat and using what free time we do have finishing up the few big jobs that remain on the boat – (i.e. an entire bathroom!) so writing regularly has fallen by the wayside.

If you’d like to receive shorter updates on interior ideas for a boat, small spaces and any journeys we embark on in the coming season (we have a few exciting ones planned!) please sign up here.

Rest assured that longer more detailed blogs on how we’ve built certain things in the boat will still pop up in future! Do let us know on Instagram or Twitter what you think should come next:

How to rebuild your stove surround to recent safety standards
Building a narrowboat sized bed with brick-house sized storage?

Let us know what you’d prefer!

And of course, as it feels like you have to state with any email related requests, we promise not to spam you! Nobody likes spam (though I’m told it makes a good emergency cupboard food to have on board for when you get desperate? *shudders*)

Happy cruisin’,

Holey Ship Crew

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